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Client Success Stories

Our clients share the impact visuals from MP Photo Studio have had on their businesses.

Meet Leslie Hollaway,
Hollaway Environmental +Communications Services

“MP Photo Studio's images are vital to Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services' branding. They capture our professionalism and confidence, helping us stand out in the civil engineering industry. Moni's talent has been instrumental in key milestones like rebranding and attracting new partners. Our branding, thanks to MP Photo Studio, uniquely reflects our expertise and quality, making us memorable in our field. We owe much of our success to these iconic images, which convey the competence and friendliness of our team.”

Meet Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell,
RBM Law Group

“These images have truly become the cornerstone of our professional online presence. Countless potential clients discover RBM Law Group through online searches, and having clean, crisp, and professional images is absolutely crucial to establishing our brand. The distinct and polished look sets us apart, showcasing our dedication to providing trusted legal representation. One of our MP Photo Studio images even made its way into the Wall Street Journal, garnering compliments, piquing client interest, and solidifying our brand recognition. Collaborating with MP Photo Studio has been absolutely integral to our marketing efforts, providing visuals that perfectly resonate with the quality of our work and our brand identity.”

Meet Dr. Saimun Singla, Rheum To Grow TX

“MP Photo Studio delivers amazing headshots that truly captured my personality! They strike the perfect balance between professional and fun, which is exactly how I want to present myself to patients and families. I utilize these photos not only on my website but also across my social media profiles. Expanding my range of headshots, from studio to office settings, has allowed me to connect with families on a deeper level, showcasing both my professional and approachable sides. Patients often comment that they feel like they already know me just from seeing my photos, which speaks volumes about the impact of MP Photo Studio!”

Meet Dr. Adrienne Williams, Artistic Works Dentistry

“Working with MP Photo Studio was a game-changer for me. Initially seeking updated headshots, I ended up with so much more – a carefully crafted personal and business brand. It was a refreshing departure from typical professional shoots, boosting my confidence and engagement with my audience. The collaboration brought a new level of professionalism to my brand and content, setting me on a path of evolution and career growth in the wellness space. Grateful for the partnership!”

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